'Warts & All' 5:2 Diet Guide - Part 1

The Truth about Dieting

People say to me,

“I can’t start this week because….”

Or “I don’t have the willpower to stay on the diet”

Or “Help! I can’t say NO”

At first, I thought it was just excuses. But the more I spoke to people, the more I understood what was really going on.

You see, it doesn’t make any sense – on the surface. Here, you’ve got an intelligent person, who understands about calorie-counting and carbs and junk food…but is scared to commit to a few weeks of dieting.

It seemed crazy to me. But actually, there’s something much deeper at play here.

The 'Diet plan' that never works

Here is how it’s supposed to work:

Jane feels overweight and unhealthy => Jane decides to go on a diet => Jane loses weight and feels better.

But it’s not as simple as that. We all know that a ‘diet’ is hard. We are afraid of failing. Of letting ourselves down. And so sometimes we don’t even try.

Let me into my first secret of dieting, NO-ONE SHOULD DIET ALL THE TIME. That means you are cutting yourself off from life’s simple pleasures FOREVER. Many of us are ALWAYS ON A DIET. When we ‘break’ our diet, we feel guilty. An occasional slice of cake makes us feel guilty for days. We give up and consider it another ‘failure’ and immediately look to start the next diet. The cycle of “diet, failure, give up, diet…” continues forever and ever.

Can you see how negative a continuous diet can be for you, your health and your friends and family? It’s like a constant cycle of denial and guilt that you cannot escape.

What I want to do is break that negative cycle and use a SYSTEM that works.

Why is The 5:2 Different?

First of all, and different from ALL OTHER DIETS out there, the 5:2 diet is not a diet you do every day. Five out of seven days you are not on a diet. I want you to eat for pleasure on those days. Enjoy a meal out with your family. Meet a friend for coffee AND cake. Enjoy your favourite foods. Does that sound good? It does to me.

But I can hear the questions and the fears rising… but what about the ‘diet’ days. They’re too hard. Is it going to break me?

Never fear. This is where I come in with my ‘system’ for your 2 calorie-controlled days.

I’m not saying that these 2 days are going to be the best of your lives, or even of your week. But they will be manageable and do-able. And with your weight-loss sorted over just 2 days, you are free to make the most of enjoying the other five.

Here’s a more realistic approach for Jane:

Jane wants to lose a bit of weight. But she’s tried lots of diets and is really scared of falling off the wagon and it being too hard. Jane learns about the new 5:2 diet and finds a two day a week diet really appealing. Jane commits to the new 5:2 diet and follows Jacqueline’s rules. Jane is nervous for her first ‘diet’ day but finds it ok. Jane starts to lose weight in a safe healthy way. Jane still has treats and nights out. Jane is happy that she has finally found a system that suits her.

There are three major elements or ‘keys’ to making the 5:2 diet work for you. Under each element – which together form your STRATEGY – there are several “tactics” you’ll need to employ to make it work.

The 3 Keys to an effective diet

These are the three major elements which will help you succeed:

Key 1: Timing is everything

“What to eat, when to eat to make weight-loss easy.”

Key 2: Eat the ‘right’ calories

“How to eat the good calories with no fuss eating that will banish cravings.”

Key 3: Escape the yo-yo diet

“Find the secret to stop binge eating forever”


When you have all three working together, and you understand your own strengths and weaknesses, you’ve got a weight-loss plan that really works – and, most importantly, will allow you to enjoy your life at the same time.

Of course, it all sounds good in theory. But it’s how you make the plan work for you that matters. You need to really understand each “key” of the strategy above so that you are fully comfortable with it. You need to understand the “why” as well as the “how”.

I’ll get to that in just a minute – first, it’s important to understand how this approach is going to help you.


You might be like Cath, who – among other things – struggles to find the time to cook proper meals.

Or Anna, who cannot say NO all the yummy fattening foods out there.

Or John, who struggles with portion control. He says, “I eat healthily but I’m like a bottomless pit. I can’t seem to stop eating.”

Or Rebecca, who says comfort-eating is her downfall. She is frustrated because she eats more when she’s stressed or feeling down. “I self-sabotage by eating junk food in the evening.”


You might fit into one of those camps, or several. Or, you might have a slightly different issue altogether. But the reason I’m sharing this with you is:

  1. You’re not alone
  2. Figuring this stuff out – and really understanding how to make the plan work for you – will solve all those problems
  3. Every single one of you is just one mouse-click away from starting that journey towards something new.

When you have all the three keys in place, and you’ve mastered them, you’ll have the skills and the mindset that will allow you to diet effectively and long-term. And, instead of worrying about whether you’ll succeed on your next diet day, you’ll have it all planned out already.


Like these guys:


“Can I just say a big thank you for changing my eating life.” Fay

“So far on the 5:2 diet I have lost 3 stone. Gone from Size 16 to Size 10.” Patricia

“Loving the plan so far. Can’t believe I’m actually enjoying the diet days. Still experimenting with the recipes but must say I am loving the ones I’ve tried. I lost 5lb in the first week.” Janine


Over the next few lessons we’ll go deeper and look at each of the keys in detail. On the following pages I want to break this all down for you and give you the tools you need to make the changes.

I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you exactly what I’ve learned over the last 5 years (including all the “bad” stuff) and lay it all out for you.

I have more to share with you, if you want it. If you’re ready to try something different, I’ll lay out the entire system for you – but only if you’re ready to get stuck in. So, my question: are you interested in learning how to do all this? Are you ready to lose weight with the 5:2 diet the ‘right’ way?


If so, look out for an email from me tomorrow with the next lesson.


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