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The 5:2 Diet Reboot For Busy People

From Jacqueline Whitehart

Give Me Just 12 Weeks And I Will Kickstart Your Weight-loss!

Do you want to reach and maintain your ideal weight for life?

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Here's The Deal...

To Lose Weight Effectively, You Need 3 Things

  • The Right Mindset So You Believe You Can Succeed

  • The Right Tools to Lose Weight Effectively

  • The Right Person (That's Me!) To Support You Every Step Of The Way

"The fact that you can adapt the diet to suit your own lifestyle makes it possible for you to choose the option that you are able to stick to. For me the 14 hour fast is easy to follow. The programme gives me that extra help that enables me to choose meals that make sure that I don't feel as though I am hungry, and can quite easily follow the diet. I have lost 7 lbs after 2 weeks. I will continue to use the 5:2 diet as I need to reduce my cholestrol level."


"Loving it so far, cant believe im actually enjoying the fast. still experimenting with the recipes but must say loving them thus far. did manage to loss 5lbs my 1st week however very sociable since so not holding out much hope for weigh in this week. wish me luck xx"


"This has really been a part of my recent success. 4kg lost in just over 3 weeks

The concept of 5:2 diet with an 800 an upped calorie limit is a revelation. Fasting for 14 hours (overnight but not difficult) before a fast resonated with me. I find that very easy to do."


Why am I different?

  • 1

    Home-made by me...

    ...so you don't have to

  • 2

    The best and easiest 'Real World' recipes

    (+ 'quick buy' dinners to avoid the kitchen altogether)

  • 3

    I want to work with you

    I want to work with you - side-by-side - to help you lose weight effectively

Who is this for?

Men and women of all ages who have struggled with weight-loss in the past.

  • Busy Professionals (Time crunched?)
  • Can't Cook / Won't Cook
  • Anyone Who Struggles With Weight-Loss And Wants A Diet Kickstart
  • Men And Women Of All Ages Who Want To Lose Weight And Feel Great

I'm here to help

Because you have stepped up with me and followed me right the way through the 'Warts and all' course, I've got a fabulous offer ONLY available to my 'Warts and all' customers. 


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REMEMBER... I've only got a limited number available (because I've only got one pair of hands AND I want to be able to help you all personally.)

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Use Code 52VIP to get 3rd month half price

The Easiest Ever 5:2 Diet - Delivery Box Plan

If you're thinking about The New 5:2 Diet but are worried that it's too complicated and won't fit in with your lifestyle then this is the programme for you.

By taking the worry out of breakfast and giving you a fabulous 'on-the-go' porridge (that will keep you full and banish cravings ALL DAY), you can fit the 5:2 diet in with your day.

(I use a creamy milk-based protein called casein, which is the most slow-release protein available.)

Cook a simple dinner from one of the recipe cards and your 5:2 diet is sorted. There's advice for 'freezer meals' and off-the-shelf dinner options too.

Remember this home-made (by me in my kitchen!) Protein Porridge and Chill Out Choc bedtime drinks have been designed exclusively by me for this programme. You won't find them anywhere else.

Note: The Porridge and Chill Out Choc contain milk, so are not suitable for vegans or those with dairy intolerance (please contact me as I may be able to provide an alternative)