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Just like to thank you for helping me in my weight loss journey. I've been following your new 5:2 diet for about 3 weeks and have gone from 14stone 2lb to 13stone 7lb. I'm really pleased as this is something I can really stick to and now it feels like a way of life. Cutting calories on 2 days has been the thing for me and now I just do it without thinking! I've even got all the ladies at work into it too (well they're trying!). So, thanks again - I look forward to receiving your email tips and recipes too - keeps me motivated.

Sam B

Thanks for your guidance over my last 2 month journey. 7kg down and heading for 70kg for the 1st time since I left the Army many years ago.

Beyond doubt the advice you give that really resonates is the way to fast. Not the actual fast itself.

The 14 hours before the fast day was a revelation to me. It works for sure.

Mick K

First of all , Thank you for all these useful emails... I really look forward to hearing from you and reading all the theory, advice and motivation about the 5:2 diet.
One cannot be perfect all the time! In fact, I think that perfectionism is a recipe for disaster, especially when it comes to dieting. So, well done for being human!!!!!! 🙂
I am very interested in the 5:2 diet as I am very overweight and it's not good at any age, let alone at 56. The weight has finally started to drop, but most importantly, I have this lovely "energy" feeling of from my stomach.
With this "Warts and all" course, I can make it through a 800 day. I have rarely eaten junk food, but I have experienced plenty of yoyo phases, so I am looking forward to your next email :).
I would like to thank you for this course, and hope to solve my weight problem with the help of your welcomed emails.

Hazel P